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Day... let's say 6

Actually it's Ukitake from Bleach... and lieutenant Catherine... Stuck in the forest... Catherine is hungry and tired and fell asleep while frying fish... Ukitake covered her with his haori so she wouldn't get cold and hugged so she wouldn't fall (because she's sleeping) Ain't it sweet? I'm bad at drawing forests... still need to work with BG.


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Day 2 - Misa-misa and Mila


Making of: L from DN - Enjoy (wanted to post it together with Misa-Misa picture )

Mila (Wip) - just practicing - though if you have a layer with a photo above it ain't that hard 

Misa-misa  - before and after - XD

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Day... err... I'm bad at counting!

Drawing Hitsugaya (his name is awful to spell) - open image to fullview as always!

Drawing Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man. Enjoy! Open the image for a full-view!

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Day 5


Coloring Katara tutorial (actually it's bigger - click open image or something like this to see in fullsize mode)

Lloyd and Sol (process) for AkabaneJun's contest (http://akabanejun.deviantart.com/journal/30001409/). That's her characters as you already guessed.


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Day 3-4 or maybe???

Kisuke Urahara from Bleach - he's cute ain't he?

Scream-process - have no idea where I got the ref photo, anyway that's  Ji-In-Cho from rock-band Krypteria!

A girl in a cafe - another WIP (a prize commission). I decided to make it look retro XD    

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 Hi! I'm Vera and probably you already know me (well, maybe not but it doesn't matter)

 I decided not to spam my DA prifile >> AngieVX.deviantart.com << with WIPs and stuff and post it here with my comments.

 It's damn cold. -20C (but why do I complain? - seems like this weather took over the whole Europe). At least it's sunny!

 I'm working on an Internet portal. I'm gonna make a design for it. That's my first serious work (though for free).

Well, some pics in progress as I promised:

Rock Mice series


 It's based on Tobi Sammet (Edguy) I need to make a BG. It'll be dark.

(I also had a sketch of Fredie Mercury mouse)

Do you like it?


And here it is my coloring-gonna-be-tutorial K&K work (Original artwork by LyzzART.deviantart.com >> http://lyzzart.deviantart.com/art/Sketch-day-11-151384622 )

Hope you like it too! 



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