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 Hi! I'm Vera and probably you already know me (well, maybe not but it doesn't matter)

 I decided not to spam my DA prifile >> AngieVX.deviantart.com << with WIPs and stuff and post it here with my comments.

 It's damn cold. -20C (but why do I complain? - seems like this weather took over the whole Europe). At least it's sunny!

 I'm working on an Internet portal. I'm gonna make a design for it. That's my first serious work (though for free).

Well, some pics in progress as I promised:

Rock Mice series


 It's based on Tobi Sammet (Edguy) I need to make a BG. It'll be dark.

(I also had a sketch of Fredie Mercury mouse)

Do you like it?


And here it is my coloring-gonna-be-tutorial K&K work (Original artwork by LyzzART.deviantart.com >> http://lyzzart.deviantart.com/art/Sketch-day-11-151384622 )

Hope you like it too! 



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